Heat and Moisture Exchanger and Filter

The VR HME(F) testing is done in accordance with ISO 9360 standard. The products are 100% inspected and tested to assure the user of reliable performance.

  • Streamline shell design: Low resistance, No dead angle, Small dead space
  • Superior filtration technology: High efficiency

filtration media, Bacterialfiltration performance %99.999*, Vrus filtration performance %99.99(tested and verified by the USA Nelson Laboratory)

  • Unique shell welding technology: 100% tested, preventing air leackage or bypass

  • High grade K resin shell: greater strength, clear appearance, smoother surface

  • Polyester foam moisture exchanger element with proprietary pretreatment: Large, high efficiency exchanger surface, providing excellent humidification efficiency

  • Gas sampling port: Luer port design.