Heat and Moisture Exchanger (HME)

The HME is used for the optimal conditioning of the inspired air. If is attached to a tracheostomy tube with a 15mm connector. This humidifies, warms and, at the same time, filters the inspired air. This prevents, as far as possible, the formation of encrustations.

Regular use of the HME helps during heavy secretion production, as the humidification of the mucous membranes in the trachea reduces the production of secretions.

During the first period of use, the HME must be exchanged several times a day, depending on the secretion production. After a longer period of use, in which the HME was regularly used, the production of secretions will even out to a low level. Then, the HMEs only need to be changed once per day.

We supply HMEs in variety of versions, with or without overpressure value, with or without oxygen supply ports, as well as with paper or foam filter.

Special HMEs for children and infants are also available.', 'Heat and Moisture Exchanger