Silverveny Tracheostomy Tube

Silvervent® tracheostomy tubes are made of a conical, seamless tube of sterling silver. Conical means that the diameter of the tube decreases from the neck flange to the cannula tip. This makes inserting the tracheostomy tube considerably easier.

Silver tracheostomy tubes always contain an inner cannula, so that the entire tracheostomy tube does not have to be exchanged if there is a high production of secretion or encrustation. To briefing ease breathing, the inner cannula can be removed, increasing the capacity of air intake.

The advantages of silver tracheostomy tubes can be outlined as follows :

  • Extremely thin tube walls, enabling a large volume of air to enter, even in small tracheostomy tubes
  • Antibacterial action due to the smooth surface and problem-free sterilization of the tube.

By default, the silver tracheostomy tubes have a tube which is bent in a 1/4 radius.

The Silvervent® tracheostomy tubes is also available with one inner cannula.