Tracheostomy Tubes

A diverse range of tracheostomy tubes are available, made of various materials.

This wide range of products is due to the fact that tracheostomy tubes should be ideally matched to the requirements of the individual patient. Your doctor, who individually adjusts the tubes for each patients, can advise you in the selection of your tracheostomy tube.

The tracheostomy tubes made of silver, silicone and medical-grade polymer are available in a variety of versions. The tracheostomy tubes can be roughly divided into two groups, metal tubes and medical-grade polymer tubes.

Metal tubes are made with thinner walls. This increases the inner diameter and thereby the inner volume of the tube, without changing the outer diameter. The increased inner volume makes metal tubes superior to thicker medical-grade polymer tubes in their intake capacity. More air can enter and pass through the tube.

Medical-grade polymer tracheostomy tubes includes silicone, polyurethane and PVC. They are pleasantly light to wear. They are distinguished by the elasticity of the material and their adaptability, ensuring that the trachea is not placed under excessive strain. They also have visual advantages, as the transparent material is relatively inconspicuous in appearance.